Welcome to New Life Shoes!

New Life Shoes is a San Antonio-based company, selling shoes online with two goals: comfort and fit. We debuted our first shoe for pregnant women last week after years of design, testing and development. It’s an athletic shoe which expands as the expectant mother’s foot grows during her pregnancy.

Introducing new life. Easy on your feet. Easy on your life.We’re very excited about our first shoe but have big plans for more styles in the months and years to come.

We hope that this blog will be the origination point for a variety of information for moms-to-be, profiles of our customers and news about our shoes. Want to suggest a topic? Make a comment and we will research it for you. Over time, we also want to introduce you to some of the people who made New Life Shoes come to life.

In the weeks leading up to the manufacturing of our shoes, we previewed New Life Shoes to a group of influential mom bloggers in our hometown of San Antonio, TX. We were amazed at their enthusiasm, candor and feedback and plan to reach out to them as we develop future shoe styles.

Here’s a video recap of our morning “shoe test.”

It’s time for New Life Shoes to step out!