About Us

Not surprisingly, the idea for New Life Shoes originated in a doctor’s office. Stephen Blank, M.D, a practicing OB-GYN in Atlanta, conducted exhaustive surveys of expectant mothers and heard an oft-repeated complaint: their feet were killing them. And there seemed to be no shoes that provided the relief, comfort, fit and support sought by the soon-to-be moms.

A classic example of thinking on your feetA solution was needed. So Dr. Blank began working with shoe business veteranom Adams. Armed with Dr. Blank’s vision and a combined 50 years of industry expertise between them, they fashioned a cushiony, stylish shoe that pregnant women could easily adjust without bending over thanks to New Life’s ingenious Z-Fit System.

After more than three years of designing, refining, testing and firsthand feedback, the perfect maternity shoe was born and New Life Shoes are almost ready for the marketplace.

A very happy ending, right? It’s only the beginning. After all, if we can design and produce such a remarkably simple and comfortable shoe for pregnant women, why not do the same for everyone? As you’ll learn, the New Life concept has legs far beyond the maternity market.

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