Most footwear is designed to fit one specific size. Which is fine if your foot never changes. But that’s rarely the case during pregnancy.

Pregnancy triggers a wide range of changes in a woman’s body. Two of the most common affect your feet. The first is an increase in volume or size caused by swelling. The second is an increase in size caused by a looseness of the ligaments supporting your feet. This is caused by a hormone called relaxin which is the same hormone that loosens the ligaments in preparation for delivery.

A most fitting shoe for expectant momsIf the ligaments governing the 26 bones in each foot are loosened, your arches collapse. Since the levels of relaxin are elevated in early pregnancy, these loosening changes occur over a period of months. So your shoe size will likely increase more than once as your pregnancy progresses. Usually requiring you to buy more than one pair of new shoes.

That’s where New Life Shoes fits in. Our one-of-a kind Z-Fit System technology and Multi-Layer Cushioning System allow expectant moms to effortlessly adjust to any changes in foot size. Up and back down again. So after your baby arrives, your New Life Shoes can be adjusted back to their original size. And you don’t have to sacrifice all the comfort and support that carried you through pregnancy.

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